Don't Worry About Your Case Right Now

Posted by Jacques Williams on Mar 19, 2020 2:22:29 PM

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covid dont worryTakeaway: Sufficient to the day is its own trouble. Matt. 6:34.

As our Nation, our State, and our local communities and families cope with a virtually unprecedented national emergency, it is important to keep everything in perspective. Listen to the advice of our leaders in government, healthcare professionals, and the dictates of your own commonsense, which you have known since childhood. Namely, avoid contact with others if you are sick, or if you are concerned that they may be sick (now called “social distancing”); wash your hands regularly with soap and hot water; eat properly, get plenty of rest, etc.

Of course, life goes on. There will still be, unfortunately, car wrecks and other personal injuries. As a general rule, though, those things can wait just a few short weeks for development. It would be extremely unusual for a case to be so time sensitive that it required immediate engagement of an attorney; and immediate initiation of periodic medical and therapeutic intervention. After being cleared by an Emergency Department, your physicians and other healthcare providers will guide you in terms of what needs to be done now for your care. Along those lines, if something has just happened to you or a loved one, don’t feel that you need to set up an appointment with an attorney right now! Call us instead for guidance; or use our online form ( We can then make a determination as to whether something needs to be done immediately — or if it can wait until the current crisis has abated. In case we need to work right away on your claims, we have many ways to communicate and exchange documents with our clients online so that you can stay inside your home instead of meeting face-to-face.

Most of you have enough to deal with at present such as taking care of children now out of school; work and social disruptions; managing the needs of sick and elderly family members; and other uncertainties. Therefore, if you need reassurance and information because of a recent personal injury, then by all means feel free to contact us. However, maintain your priorities. What might be done today can most likely be done just as easily in two, three or four weeks.

The lawyers and staff of Hamstead, Williams and Shook wish all of you safety, good health and peace of mind in the coming weeks.

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